Annis Savestra, discounts and bonuses in GTA Online

Innovations in GTA Online

New GTA Online in 2018: ANNIS SAVESTRA plus new bonuses

New car payments double GTA5 and RP and discounts on vehicle in GTA Online in early 2018



The creators ANNIS SAVESTRA created the beast. This car is a distilled power. Drive this super hot guy at the body shop professional and ask the local guys to adapt it to a couple of modifications this car like it begs for it. In addition to standard tuning, you will also be able to install two rapid-fire machine gun.

ANNIS SAVESTRA available from today on the website, Legendary Motorsport.

Duplicate payments of GTA5 and RP continue

Double GTA$ & RP in GTA Online

Winter break just started and you have already planned how will you find somewhere evil clown walking with a shotgun, and paint that face in the tone of the holiday, using in combat flashlight, and even get some money for their actions? Well, up to 8 numbers you will have a chance. For any of the matches in the mode of “Maniacs” and “air capture” will be paid double GTA5 and RP.

Big discounts on vehicles

It’s time for the Christmas holidays, so why not please yourself with new acquisitions. Until January 8 you can buy the following vehicles at significant discounts.

  • 50% discount on cabins for a Mobile Operations Center
  • 30% discount on Coil Cyclone
  • 30% discount on Grotti Visione
  • 25% off on Ocelot Ardent
  • 25% discount on the FH-1 Hunter
  • 25% discount on P-45 Nokota
  • 25% discount on HVY APC

The schedule of Premium Races and Time Trial

Races in GTA Online

Also until January 8th you have the opportunity to raise a decent amount of GTA 5 and RP, and at the same time seriously to assert itself in an environment of extreme riders.

  • Premium Stunt Race – “Duel” (exclusively for muscle cars)
  • Time Trial – “Up-N-Atom”

To participate in the premium race, use the in-game phone, or simply stand on the yellow mark on the area of the Legion. The top three players will receive GT5 and RP in the treble. To test yourself on time and earn a decent amount of GTA5 and RP get for a fixed time to the purple mark on the map.

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