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Franklin the boy like a cheats for gta 5 and love your enemies!

Finally, Franklin, according to Houser, “a criminal by mold, but with skills”. Young, ambitious and ready. He is comfortable acting on both sides of the law. Franklin works with his friend Lamar from cars as “repo men” regarding a lender and seller Armenian unscrupulous called Simeon Yetarian. In one of your orders coincides casually Michael, whom he sees as a criminal father, a godfather who learn in the business and in particular, with whom to have the opportunity to give big hitting and become a big fish. Franklin is a very capable driver, all a transporter. He lives in Los Santos Sur with her dog Chop.

How do you Enter Cheats in GTA 5?

Unlike a lot of games, there’s no cheat entry screen in GTA 5. To enter a cheat code in GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, or Xbox 360 you simply have to enter the command where you stand. To enter cheats codes for the PC version of GTA 5 you have to do something a little differe, but we’ve got the details below the cheats for the console versions of the game.

Cheat Codes for GTA 5 PS4 and PS3 GTA 5 Cheats
Note – Xbox One/Xbox 360 GTA 5 cheats are below this list

Weapon Cheats for GTA 5 PS4 and PS3

Choose your weapon: ∆ – RT – LEFT – LB – A – RIGHT – Y – DOWN – X – LB – LB – LB

Fast Run: ∆ – Left – Right – Right – L2 – L1 – []
Fast Swim: Left – Left – L1 – Right – Right – R2 – Left – L2 – Right
Ammo Booster GTA 5 Cheats

Explosive Melee: Right – Left – X – ∆ – R1 – O – O – O – L2
Explosive Rounds: Right – [] – X – Left – R1 – R2 – Left – Right – Right – L1 – L1 – L1
Flame Rounds: L1 – R1 – [] – R1 – Left – R2 – R1 – Left – [] – Right – L1 – L1

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GTA 5 Cheat Codes for PS3 and PS4

gta 5 cheats PS3 and PS4

PS3 and PS4 GTA 5 Cheat Codes Enter these cheat codes with an PS3 or PS4 controller at any time during gameplay (do not pause the game) PS3 GTA 5 Cheat Codes Effect Code Invincibility RIGHT, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R1, RIGHT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE Max Health and Armor CIRCLE, L1, TRIANGLE, R2, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE, […]