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Michael a protagonist with success in your area and Cheats for GTA 5!

Commenting more on each of the characters, the most interesting may be Michael. Once one of the most wanted men in America by its reputation with regard to great bank robber. But that is part of the past. Now retired, retired, living under the auspices of the programme regarding the protection of witnesses where he ended up after using your contacts within federal agencies to remove you from the first line of fire and start from scratch. We do not know for what. Despite having achieved the American dream of all criminal, Michael is unhappy, feel miserable: lives in a luxurious mansion with pool and tennis court, in the exclusive district of Rockford Hills, but is caught in a tasteless marriage with his wife Amanda and Tracey and Jimmy, his sons, two children pampered with which fails to connect. Apparently Michael seems to have it all, but in fact is bored, frustrated, and point to exploit. The only relief that is spend the days drinking whiskey, see ancient Vinewood criminal action films, occasionally visiting her psychiatrist and, finally, return to the criminal life that led him to that situation. Stay tuned and find all the best GTA 5 updates.

Two New Cars Available In GTA Online


Two New Cars Available In GTA Online Following the release of the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series DLC last week, which added bunch of new vehicles and a new racing mode to the game, data suggested that we’d see a change in the weekly content schedule. Grand Theft Auto V goes back to the […]

GTA Online Gets Vapid Caracara & New Mode


GTA Online Gets Vapid Caracara & New Mode Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest weekly content drop introduces one mean looking vehicle that impotent rednecks will salivate over, as well as an all-new Adversary Mode focused entirely on said vehicle. As usual, there are also a bunch of discounts on offer to help you decide what […]

Grotti GT500 Arrives in GTA Online


Grotti GT500 Arrives in GTA Online Another Tuesday, another new mini-update. Further bolstering the roster of Sports Classic vehicles is this week’s scheduled Grand Theft Auto Online DLC, which, as always, is accompanied by discounts and, as it often is, a new Adversary Mode. The Grotti GT500 is primarily based on a retro Ferrari model […]

GTA Online Gets Revolter And Discounts


GTA Online Gets Revolter And Discounts Grand Theft Auto Online’s weekly update brings you a car the name of which perfectly fits the reaction of players once they see its price. Joining it is a set of discounts, as well as opportunities to earn double payouts of GTA$ and RP from a variety of activities. […]