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Michael. Franklin. Trevor. A charismatic rogue triumvirate. A perfectly organized band of robbers which Rockstar continues its wild ambition in this approach to three bands of GTA V. Nuevas missions, a new coup, customization, mini-games, purchase of properties, underwater environments. We return to put us in front of the most anticipated title of the year to continue knowing more and more details.

Second time this writing has front Grand Theft Auto v. Repeating the same feelings: Rockstar keeps putting the limit everything I learned with years of experience, drawing which is the perfect plan to seize an ambitious loot; the ultimate sandbox of the generation. After the third and triple trailer on Tuesday, today we can detail some new impressions with which has been second demo of GTA V  – GTA5 after attending its debut in New York with Dan Houser, this time from the offices of the company in Chelsea, London.

Rockstar has clarity and forcefulness in speech when speaking with the press.

GTA 5 Introduction – Grand Theft Auto V Missions

GTA 5 Introduction

GTA 5 Introduction Developer: Rockstar North Publisher: Rockstar Games (Parent Company: Take-Two Interactive) Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Multiplayer: Up to 16 players (30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) Website: Release Date: September 17, 2013 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) November 18, 2014 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) April 14, 2015 […]

GTA 5 Facts – Grand Theft Auto V Games Facts

GTA 5 Facts

GTA 5 Facts – Grand Theft Auto V Facts GTA 5 Cheats always give you upto date information on GTA. These are the GTA 5 Facts or called Grand Theft Auto V facts! Everything you need to know about GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V, in an easy-to-read format. General  Story  Setting  Characters  Gameplay  […]

GTA 5 Locations – Grand Theft Auto V Location

gta 5 location

GTA 5 Locations – Grand Theft Auto V Location GTA 5 Locations or Grand Theft Auto V location is when it comes to establishing a solid atmosphere for a Grand Theft Auto title, location is everything. It’s not enough to simply throw players into a splotchy suburb of some anonymous metropolis – the city needs […]

GTA 5 Music – Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack

GTA 5 Music

GTA 5 Music – Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack GTA 5 Music – These are Grand Theft Auto V Sountrack are Arguably one of the most important aspects of general Grand Theft Auto gameplay is the radio; a genre to suit every taste, it is essentially the soundtrack to your playthrough. With Grand Theft Auto V, […]

GTA 5 Reviews – Grand Theft Auto User Rating

GTA 5 Reviews Grand Theft Auto V User Views

GTA 5 Reviews – Grand Theft Auto V User Rating On GTA 5 Cheats We also give feedback to our viewers. These GTA 5 reviews for Grand Theft Auto V were unanimously positive, with the game currently holding a GameRankings score of 97.01% (PlayStation 3) and 96.20% (Xbox 360); and a Metacritic score of 97% (both […]