GTA 5 Cheats Online Hints and Tips

Topless Women Mission

There’s actually a mission in GTA Online that involves topless women. Yes we already know that there is one for the Story Mode, but there being one Online is news. You can find the mission by going to the location indicated below.

Top Vehicles in Each Category

Below is a generally accepted list of the best vehicles in each category/type in GTA Online. If there is more than one we’ve listed both.

  • Super: Overflod Entity XF / Truffade Adder (Grotti Cheetah looks coolest though!)
  • Muscle: Bravado Gauntlet
  • Sedan: Tailgater / Schafter
  • Coupe: Oracle
  • SUV: Obey Rocoto
  • Motorbikes: Bati / Akuma
  • Off-road: BF Injection
  • Sports: Grotti Carbonizzare
  • Sport Classics: Monroe
  • Compacts: Blista

Trolling Car Thieves

You should know that you can control your vehicle privacy using the Quick Menu (Back on Xbox 360 / Select on PS3). What you do using this is let someone steal your car and then change the privacy to no-one as they are driving off. They will then die as they’re thrown from the car whilst taking off! Just make sure you don’t hit eject – otherwise the car will slow to a stop to let them out. You need to just change the setting so no-one can be in your car.

Turbo Start

Like a lot of racing games, if you press the accellerator button at exactly the same time as the word “Go” then you’ll get a nice little boost of speed off the start line.


Make sure you complete all the tutorials before you start free roaming/playing normally in GTA Online. This means you need to do the following: race with Lamar, rob a convenience store, drug delivery, choose and customize personal car and Last Team Standing mission.

The full extent of GTA Online will not be unlocked without first completing the tutorials.

Unlock Car Locks

If you hold Back (Xbox 360) or Select (PS3) on your control and scroll down to vehicle access you can choose to open up your car to fellow Crew members, friends or anyone. This will let people jump into your car with you!

Ultimate Jobs Information Spreadsheet

In GTA Online we’re sure that you know that you earn Respect Points (RP) and cash by doing jobs. And if you want know what jobs are best for your circumstances, and what jobs might open up in the future, then check out this spreadsheet.

It contains all the information you’ll need including which contact gives you the job, the minimum level requirement, the cash and approximate RP rewards and how many players you’ll need. Some helpful job tips are also included.

Thanks SaintRebbel

Ultimate List of Purchasable Cars in GTA Online

You need to check out and refer to this spreadsheet every time before you spend your cash in GTA Online. It lists every single available to purchase in GTA Online along with the following details: price, class, capacity (persons), speed rating, brake rating, acceleration rating, handling rating, and overall rating. Plus it gives you a link to a picture and also tells you which actual real-life car the in-game was is based off.

Check out the spreadsheet here.

Invaluable information thanks thefountain88!

Unlock Car Upgrades

To unlock upgrades for your vehicle you need to run races with that class of vehicle and level up. This will then unlock the upgrades for you.

Unlock Levels for Items

Check this page to view all the level ranks you need to achieve to unlock various items available in GTA Online.

Unlock Levels for Weapons

Check this page to view all the level ranks you need to achieve to unlock the various weapons available in GTA Online.

Unique Body Modifications List for Vehicles

Thanks to MassSpectacular we have the following list of vehicles and body modifications that are unique to those vehicles – that is, you can’t make these mods to any other type of vehicle, only the one listed!

unique mods list 350x230

unique mods list 350×230

Upgrading Property

If you decide to upgrade your property (garage or apartment) then your currently held property will automatically be sold for you and be put towards the purchase price of your new place. You get about of the initial purchase price.

Views from All High-End Apartments

So you’ve finally earned/saved/scrapped together enough cash in GTA Online to be able to afford one of the high-end apartments and of course you want one with a nice view. That’s where this video comes in. It will show you the full views of every single premium apartment purchasable in GTA Online. So before you drop that hard-earned cash on a place to crash, take a look at the video and make sure you choose the crib with the best view!

Use a Mask

Use a mask before you commit a crime because it will enable you to easily lose one star once the cops start chasing you.

Simply wait until they can’t see you (after the crime has been done and they’re in pursuit) and then remove the mask. One wanted level star should drop off. If you are only on one star it will have no effect however.

Wear Hat and Mask at Same Time

  1. Be wearing the hat you want near a car.
  2. Open your inventory using the quick menu and while it’s open enter the car.
  3. While in the car put on the mask and then exit.
  4. You should be wearing both the mask and the hat!

Wind Down Windows

Broken car windows are the bane of any gangster’s life and you can avoid them in GTA V! Here’s how: when you are the driver of a car, just press RT (Xbox 360) / R2 (PS3) to roll down your passenger’s window or LB (Xbox 360) / L1 (PS3) to roll down your own window. See how easy that was?

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