GTA 5 Cheats Online Hints and Tips

Menus: Scroll Faster

While you’re looking at any menu in-game (like the custom paint job menu in the mod shop for example) if you press and hold RT (R2 on the PS3) then you’ll scroll through the items much faster.

Merryweather Mesas Location

Head to the location shown below and you should find that some Mesas have spawned. Be warned though, you’ll need to be heavily armed as you’ll need to fight for them!!

mesa spawn location 350x262

mesa spawn location 350×262

Merryweather Security

At level 12 you will get a phone call from Merryweather Security and they will be added to the contacts list on your cell phone. You can then call them up and ask for help on missions, they are expensive though!

  • Ammo Drop: $1,000
  • Air Strike: $12,500
  • Boat pick up: $500
  • Chopper pick up: $150
  • Mercenaries: $10,000

Meth’d Up Mission Faster

When doing this mission it’s a good idea to just run (or better yet drive) to the RV and then drive straight (and we mean straight) to the drop off point. This means you should be driving off-road most of the way and will also mean that you avoid a lot of the bad guys you’d otherwise encounter.

Military Base Entry

You can check out one method of getting into the military base in this video, but there’s another way too. Simply roll down the hill shown in the map below and it will get you over the fence! The other way is probably a lot more fun/entertaining though!

military base roll 350x214

military base roll 350×214

Thanks br14n

Military Base with No Wanted Level

Check out this video to see how you can get in the military base in GTA Online without attracting a Wanted Level. Basically it involves starting a deathmatch with a friend and then simply jumping into the base by using a fast car to bolt down a hill and leap over the fence…

It gives you a 5 minute window in which to get what you want/need and then get the heck out of there!

Million Dollar Money Glitch

Here’s another Los Santos Customs resell glitch that uses the Traffade Adder (yes, you’ll need one). The thing is that you can earn a lot more than the other glitch doing it!

  1. First buy the Traffade Adder and as many uopgrades as possible/you can afford from Los Santos Customs.
  2. Leave LSC, press pause, then go to online –> options and set the Spawn Location to “Last Location”.
  3. Then switch to single player mode and start a new story, and from there go to play an Invite Only session of GTA Online.
  4. Get in your Adder and drive to LSC. Don’t go in, but instead park somewhere close.
  5. Then steal another random car and drive it into LSC. Select to sell it, but STOP when it says “Are you sure you want to sell this vehicle?”.
  6. Instead, at that point press pause and launch the Xbox Games Store or the Playstation Store.
  7. Once it’s loaded, back out of it and you should be in your stolen car in LSC.
  8. Choose to sell it again and again, STOP when it says “Are you sure you want to sell this vehicle?”.
  9. At this point again, press pause and launch the Xbox Games Store or the Playstation Store and then back out of it again.
  10. This time however you should be back in your Adder outside of the LSC. Now you can drive into the LSC in the Adder.
  11. Sell the Adder (actually sell it) and then press pause and launch the Xbox Games Store or the Playstation Store. Then back out of it.
  12. You should respawn in your Adder (even though you just sold it). So at this time just repeat steps 10 and 11.
  13. Make millions!!

Note: If you get a message along the following lines “We’re not buying cars right now” it just means you need to wait 48 minutes (which is 2 days in-game time) and then try again.

Mission Unlock Levels/Ranks

Rank 5

  • Ballas To The Wall (Lamar)
  • Chasers (Simeon)
  • It Takes A Thief (Simeon)
  • Rich Men In Richman (Simeon)
  • Rockford Roll (Simeon)
  • Where Credit’s Due (Simeon)

Rank 6

  • Deal Breaker (Gerald)
  • Death Metal (Gerald)
  • Flood In The LS River (Gerald)
  • Pier Pressure (Gerald)

Rank 7

  • Meth’d Up (Gerald)
  • Trevor’s Enigma (Gerald)

Rank 8

  • No Hay Bronca (Gerald)

Rank 10

  • All In The Game (Simeon)
  • El Burro Heists (Simeon)
  • Gentry Does It (Simeon)

Rank 12

  • Blow Up (Simeon)
  • Gassed Up (Gerald)

Rank 13

  • Romance Isn’t Dead (Ron)

Rank 15

  • Violent Duct (Gerald)

Rank 16

  • Chasers II (Simeon)
  • San Andreas Seoul (Lamar)

Rank 18

  • Ticket To Elysium (Lamar)

Rank 19

  • Cop’s Capacity (Lester)

Rank 20

  • Blow Up II (Simeon)
  • Caught Napping (Lamar)
  • Fuelling The Flames (Ron)
  • Going Down The GOH (Lamar)
  • Lost My Mind (Trevor)

Rank 22

  • Landing Strip (Lester)
  • Out Of Court Settlement (Martin)

Rank 24

  • A Titan Of A Job (Lester)
  • Death From Above (Martin)

Rank 25

  • ATV Steal (Simeon)
  • Daemon Run (Ron)
  • High Priority Case (Lester)
  • Last Chopper Out Of LS (Lester)
  • Lost MC RIP (Lamar)
  • Turbine Carbine (Ron)

Rank 27

  • Base Invaders (Ron)

Rank 28

  • Crystal Clear Out (Trevor)

Rank 30

  • By Land, Sea And Air (Lester)
  • Crank Up The Volume (Ron)
  • No Smoking (Lamar)
  • Quarry Quarry (Lester)
  • War And Pieces (Gerald)

Rank 31

  • Blow Up III (Simeon)

Rank 35

  • Check Out Time (Martin)
  • Chumash And Grab (Gerald)

Rank 40

  • A Boat In The Bay (Ron)
  • Grab Your Ballas (Martin)
  • Stick Up The Stickup Crew (Martin)
  • Teaser Trailer (Lester)
  • The Los Santos Connection (Martin)
  • Water The Vineyard (Martin)

Rank 45

  • Cleaning The Cat House (Martin)
  • Dish The Dirt (Gerald)
  • Dry Docking (Martin)
  • Editor And Thief (Martin)
  • Four Trailers (Lester)
  • Mixed Up With Coke (Martin)

Rank 50

  • Extradition (Martin)
  • Holed Up – Burton (Martin)
  • Out Of Harmony (Trevor)

Rank 55

  • Bust Out (Lester)
  • Landing Gear (Ron)
  • Show Me The Monet (Martin)
  • Sinking Feeling (Lester)
  • The Parking Garage (Lester)
  • Wet Work (Ron)

Rank 60

  • Hack And Dash (Lester)
  • Satellite Communications (Trevor)

Rank 65

  • American Exports (Lester)
  • Chemical Extraction (Lester)
  • Judging The Jury (Martin)
  • Method In The Madness (Trevor)
  • On Maneuvers (Lester)

Rank 70

  • Chopper Tail (Trevor)
  • Defender (Martin)
  • Diamonds Are For Trevor (Trevor)
  • Docks To Stock (Lester)
  • Stocks And Scares (Lester)

Rank 75

  • Docks To Stock II (Lester)
  • Rooftop Rumble (Martin)

Rank 81

  • Trash Talk (Martin)

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