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Molotov Cocktails

Molotov Cocktails cannot be purchased from any of the Ammu-nation Stores in Grand Theft Auto V, but they are in both GTA Online and the story mode part of the game.

In GTA Online you can get them by either purchasing a supply box from Merryweather. You’ll get three cocktails in the box.

In GTA V single player you can find Molotov Cocktails in at least two places. The first is shown in the location below.

molotov location 395x700

molotov location 395×700

The second spot is under the bridge on the northwest side.

molotov location2 350x350

molotov location2 350×350



Alternatively, you can also check out the video below to view all of the Molotov Cocktail locations that way:

Most Popular High-end Apartments

Thanks to jfjjfjff of Reddit we have the survey responses below which indiciate what high-end apartments are the most popular to purchase in the game. This means if you are about to purchase a high-end apartment you should have a good idea of which is actually the best one.

The most popular is Eclipse Towers, Apartment #31, followed by 3 Alta St, Apartment #57 and Del Perro Heights, Apartment #20.

apartment survey 350x200

apartment survey 350×200

Must Have Vehicle: Police Riot/SWAT Van

You should use this store any vehicle in your garage glitch to get the Police Riot/SWAT Van. Why? Because it kicks butt. Just look at these perks:

  • It can take up to nine sticky bombs to the chassis, two to the engine and five underneath before it will blow.
  • It has bullet-proof windows that you can still shoot out of.
  • It fits up to eight people (half an entire server).
  • It’s free to insure.
  • Your crew members can easily hang off the side of it.
  • It can destroy other vehicles if you ram them correctly.

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