GTA 5 Facts You May Not Know – GTA 5 Facts May Know

GTA 5 Facts May Know

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a phenomenal game ever made by rockstar, There are a few interesting facts and you may not know ..

  1. GTA 5 is the biggest and greatest game ever invented by rockstar
  2. Only for three-day sale .. GTA V to achieve $1 billion
  3. GTA 5 Trailer is the most watched Ever
  4. GTA 5 is the game with the highest income in 24 hours and the highest income earned from entertainment product within 24 hours
  5. GTA V apparently can not be separated from the news media. Start of success stories, success achieving satisfactory sales, until the bug and glitch it did not escape the media scrutiny. In fact, the greatness of GTA V also attracted the attention of the world record-holder body, until GTA V managed to break seven world records
  6. Largest gaming MAP .. Having previously many were disappointed with the size of the folder GTA IV, Rockstar finally answer the fans with a sense of dissatisfaction creates GTA 5, with a much larger map. And this is proven, the new GTA 5 be released some time ago it has a much larger map of Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and GTA San Andreas. Of course, very impressive when knowing a game has such enormous size.
  7. Lawsuit against GTA IV and V worth more than 1 billion dollars … Surely not GTA if not ever dealing with controversy. Historically, GTA has always been associated with controversy, such as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting associated with. Many people are demanding them with various motifs. As had happened before, where one party media say that GTA is ‘simulated cop killer’, and had a lot of lawsuits filed on behalf of the families who lost loved ones simply because ‘influenced the game’.
  8. Rockstar paid media to write negative things about GTA .. We think that the glitch in the Race N Chase is a fortune as birth cikalbakal GTA. It is almost similar to Rockstar who consider the negative posts from the press and media is a fortune, which will keep the GTA in order to keep a high rating. Not surprisingly, Rockstar is willing to pay some money to the various parties to make a written or a negative opinion on GTA, in order to keep ratings remain high.
  9. GTA IV has more than 80,000 lines of dialogue .. GTA is often praised for the quality of the game itself. Where they are able to create a reality of the real world into a game. Just imagine, there are many pedestrians where if you oppose them, you will hear a variety of dialogue. Starting from a group of people who were talking to someone who is on the phone. No wonder the lines of dialogue GTA IV reaches up to 80,000 rows .. (especially GTA V)
  10. Many songs that became very popular because of the radio GTA .. One of the very interesting things in GTA games is the radio in the car. The author himself was very amused with the radio in the GTA, particularly K-Rose radio with his collection of country songs that exist in GTA San Andreas. Perhaps the author would not know how good the song ‘Crazy’ belongs Willie Nelson, if not ever listen to the radio K-Rose. In addition to the song, there is also the song ‘Radio Gaga’ are becoming increasingly popular due to the radio in GTA 5.
  11. The world record for completing GTA III is 1 hour 12 minutes .. One gamer GTA with Youtube username ‘MSuraev’ managed to make a surprise by finishing GTA III in a very short timeframe, which is 1 hour 12 minutes. These achievements is a very remarkable thing, considering the number of people who completed the GTA III in parenthesis time may be up to 10 times more than that.
  12. Music tracks in GTA V licensed GTA.. when ever played in the history of GTA V, you can listen to 240 officially licensed music tracks. Besides GTA V also has 17 radio stations with a radio station that brought Ways Delevingne – British actress and model. GTA V also has its own music soundtrack for various particular moment.
  13. The reason Grand Theft Auto 5 was not developed on the platform of the Wii U is because Rockstar is not experienced in this new console
  14. GTA V game script reaches over 1,000 pages
  15. Voice actor GTA 5

    Voice actor GTA 5

  16. Voice actors GTA V is steven ogg as trevor (left), shawn Fonteno as franklin (middle) and luke ned as michael (right)
  17. Mission torture (by the book) reap a lot of controversy .. Moment is that raged discussed in various media. Here, you control Trevor, one of the three playable characters in the game GTA 5. By order of the FBI, Trevor had to torture someone who is suspected of being a terrorist in order to get certain information. Torture in GTA 5 looks so cruel, even to make many people who play this game and can not bear to feel fear. Starting from the prisoner pulling teeth with pliers, beating his crotch with heavy equipment, to cover her face with a cloth and pouring water over his face so that he feels as if sinking. The mission of this torture became very controversial, because it would have to be done by the player if they want to finish the game perfectly.
  18. The radio broadcast was hosted by Lazlow in GTA III series also reap a lot of controversy .. The radio broadcast that automatically plays every time you drive a car in GTA III also reap tremendous controversy. Lazlow as the host of the show in the program presenting the facts that make the listener feel uncomfortable, ranging from sexual scandals to brutal murder stories. Like as before, many are asking the radio Lazlow eliminated from the game. As usual also, Rockstar does not flinch in response to this protest. At least, they no longer contain the same radio feature in the next GTA games.
  19. It is most interesting .. Jetpack in GTA San Andreas was able to reap the controversy .. why ?? because Jetpack is actually a secret weapon created by the USA government for military defense purposes in the future. Many people who consider the action of the CJ, the main character of this game, in stealing the design Jetpack Area 69 (a pun of Area 51, a mysterious area in the United States are believed to be UFOs and secret military headquarters) is considered too excessive. These actions could endanger the country’s stability and lead to a world war if actually performed.
  20. Hot coffe mod you now know was in fact forgotten feature drawn by rockstar .. not mod created by the modding / modders
  21. Long project of making GTA V is 6 years .. from 2008 until 2013 ..
  22. GTA V MAP


  23. GTA V MAP is a merger between the MAP red dead redemption, GTA SA and GTA IV
  24. GTA V is the first GTA that displays animals

    GTA V is the first GTA that displays animals

  25. GTA V is the first GTA that displays animals
  26. ghost in mount gordo

    ghost in mount gordo

  27. You can find a ghost in mount gordo at night, if I do not believe it try it yourself
  28. Bigfoot In GTA 5 300x168

    Bigfoot In GTA 5 300×168

  29. Bigfoot can you encounter when in the mission “Predator” by using special effects
  30. 259x194xGTA V UFO.png.pagespeed.ic .NF1yAiqdug

    259x194xGTA V UFO

  31. It turns out that there is also a UFO in GTA V, I find ufo is to go to Mount chilliad at night, went up to the top of the mountain and use a special telescope is there, see what happens .. rumor anyway .. if you want to see ufo mission must be completed all

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