Innovations in GTA Online, which all have been waiting for

Updates to GTA Online that we deserve: what will help the game to survive for some more time?

Recently, we have published an article, to which is attached the statistics, compiled by one Reddit user, which demonstrated that Rockstar Games, since the release of their first game and now is lost in productivity, for the last four years, not releasing a single game. Four years ago, got GTA 5, which the developers at Rockstar decided to move online, adding to the game microtransactions. In the earlier article we suggested that it is because of microtransactions, which give creators of GTA Online a handsome profit, they have suspended work on new products and is fully focused on its most profitable and successful offspring. However, in GTA Online there are new updates, but the question is how long the aforementioned game will be able to stay afloat? The following is a list of innovations that waiting for the majority of players.

The appearance of casinos

Why GTA Online is still no casino? It’s simple – developers were not profitable, players earn in-game money without buying Shark cards and forgetting about the missions. But why not include a casino in these missions, giving players the opportunity to Rob this tasty place? Let’s hope that the guys from Rockstar I think solidarity with us.

Empty your pockets

Time goes by, and prices are rising not only in reality but also in GTA Online. If earlier the clothes and some basic supercars were available to all players at reasonable prices, but now their cost has increased significantly. The reason? Spend more, and if the in-game currency is not enough, however the time or desire to make a new denim jacket no – just buy a Shark Card, what’s the problem? This will save you time and bring profits to the company-developer. Still, it would be nice if Rockstar in the coming year slowed down a bit in terms of higher prices for in-game items.

More robberies

Robbery once loved by many players because they allow them to greatly and effortlessly improve their financial condition. But, unfortunately, this mode, apparently, don’t really like the guys from Rockstar, which robbery, since their appearance in the game, began to come less and less, and only to the end of 2017, the developers have pleased us with a global update “Doomsday”. I want to believe that in the coming year we are waiting for new robbery – with surprises and cool gifts.

Everything ends sooner or later

In Take-Two Interactive say that they, of course, you want to a new part of the franchise (GTA 6) was high among the audience, and what will it take to finish the current story, which means that GTA Online will exist forever, and in the foreseeable future, all of us waiting enchanting the final, which will end the game. But when it happens – a great mystery. We just have to wait and believe.


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