LAMPADATI VISERIS double payouts, and GTA 5 & RP in GTA Online

LAMPADATI VISERIS, and a double payout of GTA5 and RP for missions Lester cross in GTA Online

Discounts and new car in GTA Online

Rockstar wishes everyone a happy New year and announced the new Goodies in GTA Online

Rockstar welcomes you all in the new year. The previous year was quite eventful – full of unrestrained racing, gifts, surprises, new vehicles and other cool stuff. And, of course, you cannot just take and forget about what ended the outgoing year – enchanting update “Doomsday”, which brought a lot of unforgettable emotions and surprises.
Rockstar Games thanked all his fans and promised them even more new experiences, modes, and vehicles in the new year.


Lampadati Viseris in GTA Online

And here’s the first surprise – a manageable eight-cylinder LAMPADATI VISERIS is already available for purchase to all players in Legendary Motorsport. You can upgrade the model by installing on it two rapid-fire machine gun course – Avenger Studio door is always open for you.

Duplicate payments of GTA$ & RP for the mission Lester

Duplicate payments of GTA$ & RP in GTA Online

Do not forget from time to time to look into your iFruit order not to miss the missions from Lester’s cross from now until January 15 will bring you twice as much GTA 5 and RP.

Discount transport

Today January 15 you can purchase these types of goods with 25% discount:

  • Nagasaki Ultralight
  • Weapons for air transport
  • Armor for all types of transport
  • Lights and neon
  • Thresholds
  • Spoilers
  • Suspension
  • The turbo charged cars

The schedule of Premium Race and Time Trial

Extreme trials in GTA Online

Also until January 15, you can participate in the next extreme test, and at the same time making money:

  • Premium stunt race – “Island Hopping” (only for Aqua Blazer)
  • Time trial – “Maze Bank Arena”

To participate in the premium race, use the in-game phone, or simply stand on the yellow mark on the area of the Legion. The top three players will receive GTA 5 and RP in the treble. To test yourself on time and earn a decent amount of GTA 5 and RP get for a fixed time to the purple mark on the map.

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