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GTA 5 Tops UK Sales Charts For 15th Time

GTA 5 Tops UK Sales Charts

GTA 5 Tops UK Sales Charts For 15th Time Folks, we’ll very likely soon be reporting on a 100 million milestone if this keeps going on. Once again, Grand Theft Auto 5 sailed to the top of the UK video game sales charts, knocking out various new releases and high-profile AAA successes. The game’s baffling, […]

GTA 5 Ships 90 Million Copies


GTA 5 Ships 90 Million Copies Not too long ago we predicted that yesterday’s Take-Two Interactive investor call would reveal Grand Theft Auto 5 has shipped 90 million copies, and lo and behold, so it happened. Beyond talking about yet another shattered sales record, the call also gave some insight into how the publisher, Take-Two […]

GTA 5 added the Jetpack from GTA Online

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Singles will be rewarded: GTA 5 added the jetpack from GTA Online While the online part of GTA 5 is developing at full force, and players who opt for the online mode, continue to get new weapons, gear and vehicles, the remaining players, i.e. those who preferred a single mode of the game, sitting with […]

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